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Dear Janine, never will I be able to thank

you completely forwhat you

have done for me and my babies.

You have really done such an

amazing job with Tilly.

Although I was kind of stressedto get a

10 month old puppy, you immediately

made me feel comfortable with it, and

it was one of the best decisions of my life to buy this puppy from you.

Tilly is just such an amazing little girl. Weighing now only 2kg, she is just a bundle of

joy. She is such a well adjusted, well trained, and loving dog, and definitely more than

any person can ask for. Tilly really has an amazing personality, loved by all, and I

sometimes need to remind myself that she is not a person but rather a dog!! It clearly

shows that she was pre-spoiled by you, before she came to me, and that was really

important to me.

I have also sent Tilly in for all health tests, and she is just in such amazing health

for her little body. She is clear of all sicknesses, diseases, etc. This I honestly see as a

very good example of your love, and broad knowledge for these little ones.

Needles to say, I am also extremely happy with the second yorkie that I bought from

you. Thank you so much that you were willing to keep her for me till the age of 4

months. Once again, you did an amazing job, and I could not ask for more.

Little Mia, is so beautiful. She is such a energetic bundle of joy, and just loves giving

hugs and kisses. She gets along so well with Tilly and she is just amazingly healthy


I need to be honest and say, that words cannot express my appreciation for what you

have done for me and my lovely little "fur-babies". Thank you for your deep love for

them, also thank you for your broad knowledge and that you are always available to

help me with even the smallest thing when it comes to their health and also their

training. Your advice and support means a lot to me.

I will highly recommend anybody looking for a Yorkshire Terrier to buy one from

Brolea Yorkshire Terriers. You clearly do not breed to make money, but rather for

your love of these little ones, and this any person and dog lover can clearly see

through your dogs!

Please if anybody would like to contact me, let them feel free to do so.

Loads of love

Talida Baker

(All the way fromthe Middle-East)