DogBowtique & Grooming Products

Every dog deserves a little bit of glamour!

 Most people assume that dog clothing has no


 specific function and is only used to decorate


 the animal.


 And, well that may be.


 We like to decorate ourselves.  


Dog clothes is generally viewed as a luxury and the dogs


owners are often seen as eccentric when they put clothing


on their dogs.


But those who buy dog clothing for their dogs sometimes


associate them as their child and as one of the family


and they are very well loved.


Some dogs are naturals for dressing up. Many love the


attention they get from their human friends and being


one of the family.


And we humans canít help but dress them so. Even if a


particular article of clothing feels a bit overboard,


and sometimes they can be, it still gives all of us dog


lovers much satisfaction to see him or her strutting


their stuff on the dog walk or just down the street.


Dog clothing adds that special I love you touch to


the grooming of your dog