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Every dog deserves a little bit of glamour!

Dearest Janine,
The gratitude that I feel towards you, makes my cup runneth over, for the joy                 

 that you have brought into my life, it is never-ending and I would never be able

to thank you enough for these two (not just one, but two!) lovely girls….
This is my letter of gratitude towards you – my amazing friend and my wonderful              

Yorkie support system.  You have given me the greatest of all gifts – not only one,

 but the two most amazingly beautiful and well adjusted Yorkies in the whole world. 

 You have spoiled me - never again would I be able to buy from anyone else!! 

Your Yorkies are so well adjusted and balanced, that training them further, makes for

 absolute pleasure and joy!! 
Clio and Frida came into my life with pure sweet love and devotion, living with Yorkies

 myself for many years, I have never before had such focused and easily trainable Yorkies

 before.  Thank you for your loving imprint on their lives and for bringing them into this

 world with such excellence.  It shows!!!
I know how much you invest into each and every puppy and their parents, giving all your time and effort and love and dedication – many times to the extreme, with no time, effort, or costs withheld, and putting your own life on hold, to provide only the very best into your Yorkies.  I know of every tear and anguish that you have endured, so that Yorkie Lovers like me may be fortunate enough to love one of your very own…
Even the names that you have chosen for them – imprints on their personalities and gives them the panache and spunk that makes them so unique – Clio being the royalty that she is in everything she does and do.  Frida brings all the calmness and peace into my days with her quiet devotion and patience… just looking at her makes me peaceful and happy…
Thank you for allowing me this amazing privilege – to love and hold your precious Yorkies!
My prayer for all future Yorkie owners is to experience this wonderful and professional way that you give with all that come into your life – from Janine you are sure to get only the very best and most excellent Yorkie support, service and loving care.  And beware – it doesn’t end with just one Yorkie…..  you will be back for more!